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Friday, January 14, 2011

MLB Network's "Top 10 Right Now"

MLB Network has been airing a program this week that features their choices for the top ten players at each position across the Majors. Word has it that Ryan Braun pulled in the #1 spot for left fielders!

@BrewerNation tweets that Mitch Williams is not pleased with the choice-- unsurprising considering Mitch almost never misses an opportunity to get a dig in on Braun. That episode airs today at 12:00 PM CST and again on Sunday at 4:00. Don't worry, it appears as though MLB Network will be re-airing episodes nearly every day.

1B will air tomorrow at 3:00 and is bound to feature Prince Fielder. My guess is he comes in at #6, behind (not necessarily in this order) Albert Pujols, Adrian Gonzalez, Miguel Cabrera, Mark Texeira, Ryan Howard and possibly Joey Votto, which would push Prince to #7.

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  1. Followup: Prince came in at #7, behind (in this order) Albert Pujols, Miquel Cabrera, Adrian Gonzalez, Joey Votto, Mark Texeira, and Ryan Howard. Not too bad of a guess if I may say so, though I should have expected Votto to be higher, being the NL MVP and all.