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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brewers Nearing Completion of Miller Park Scoreboard

Yesterday the Brewers presented their new scoreboard to the media as they hoisted the Miller Park sign to its position above the screen. The 5,940 sq. ft. hi-def screen will be a significant upgrade from the old screen and should improve the experience for fans in 2011. The board is scheduled for its first use on April 2. Click here for some more pics of the screen. And in case you forgot, here's a picture of the old screen. I imagine the new screen will be roughly the size of this scoreboard including the ads on the sides and below and will combine the functions of video and scoreboard.

Brewers VP of Business Operations Rick Schlesinger talks about the new scoreboard (with some video of them raising the MP sign).

UPDATE 3/1/11: Here is a more recent picture of the scoreboard. Nice!

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