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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Princely Sum

Last year I previewed what I expected to be Prince Fielder's final season in Milwaukee. In that post I said most of what I could possibly say about his career with the Brewers. Basically, he's a very good player, and we've been privileged to have him on our team for as long as he has.

Despite the fact that we knew it would never, could never happen, many Brewers fans held out hope that he might somehow end up back with the Crew this season. A slow-to-develop market for the slugger this offseason didn't help, but any such hopes were finally dashed Tuesday when he signed a $214 million nine-year deal with the Detroit Tigers -- a Princely sum, to say the least. We now must come to terms with the fact that Prince Fielder, a pillar of the Brewers' resurgence over the last five years, will never again wear a Milwaukee uniform.

I want this much money
Let me first say -- it could be worse. A lot worse. He could have signed with the Yankees, Red Sox, or any other large market, big spending team. He could have signed with the Cubs or even the Cardinals after Albert Pujols landed with the Angels. Let me also say -- good for him! Our very own Prince Fielder went and signed the fourth largest contract in MLB history, behind only A-Rod (twice) and Pujols. I somehow knew he would get the deal he was looking for, and just yesterday morning said to a colleague that we shouldn't rule out a mystery team jumping in on him.

Yes, I'm sad to see him go. We knew this day was coming but it's still sad that it's finally here. But we've been spoiled as Brewer fans. We've enjoyed watching MLB's most dynamic and productive hitting duo for the last several years. Prince will probably retain that title now that he's joining Miguel Cabrera in Detroit.

I'll always enjoy watching Prince Fielder and I'll probably keep cheering for him now that he's a Tiger. He's the type of hitter that you think just might hit a home run every time he comes to the plate. His plate discipline has improved steadily over the past few years and he should now be considered one of the best sluggers of his time. Plus, the dude missed one game over the past three seasons and only thirteen in six years! What's not to love about that?

Fare thee well, Prince Fielder. May you continue perform the way we've come to expect and may you end up more worthy of that ridiculous contract than A-Rod and Pujols by the end of theirs!

I will miss that smile

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