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Monday, June 20, 2011

Things Could Be Worse...

The Brewers managed to win a game against the Red Sox this weekend, though they lost by wide margins Friday and Sunday. Sunday’s loss capped a mostly forgettable, 2-5 road trip through Chicago and Boston. Thankfully, the Cardinals suffered through an equally poor stretch, and the Brewers still share first place in the NL Central as they return home today.

The NL Central has tightened with the Reds back only two games, but things really could be a lot worse than a shared division lead after such a rough week. The Brewers’ daunting interleague schedule continues today as the Rays come to town, followed by the rejuvenated Twins this weekend. After that the Brewers head to Yankee Stadium, and then Target Field. Their performance over these next four series will determine how they match up with some of the best teams in baseball.

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