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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Prince Fielder is in Beast Mode

The Brewers won what may be their most impressive game of the year last night against the Mets. A rough inning by Kameron Loe saw the Crew fall behind 2-6 after a five run eighth inning, but the Brewers wouldn't stay down for long. Ryan Braun plated Rickie Weeks and Nyjer Morgan with a one out double in the bottom of the eighth, followed by Prince Fielder's second two-run home run of the night. After a clean top of the ninth by new father John Axford, Nyjer Morgan unknowingly won the game by plating Craig Counsell on a walk-off double.

Tony Plush had the winning hit, but Prince was the star of the night. He now has six home runs in his past six games, leads the NL in home runs (17 - tied with Jay Bruce), and leads the Majors with 54 RBI. I wrote back in March that Prince would probably exceed his 2010 numbers and that Brewers fans should enjoy watching him play as a Brewer for his final season with the team. I also wrote that he would fall short of matching his outstanding 2009 season, but he's actually on pace to come close to 46 HR and 141 RBI, if not exceed one, the other, or both. If he can keep producing at this level for the rest of the season he might just get a contract similar to Mark Texeira's eight year, $180 million deal.

On another note, Ron Roenicke must be reading my blog. His lineup last night was almost exactly what I suggested last week, the only difference being Wil Nieves in place of Jonathan Lucroy (Weeks, Morgan, Braun, Fielder, Hart, McGehee, Betancourt, Nieves, Wolf).

And finally, if you haven't seen Tony Plush's interview after last night's game, check it out. Classic Plush.

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