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Monday, May 16, 2011

Headin' West on a High Note

Wednesday I asked if the Brewers could get back to .500 over the course of this homestand. They won five of six against the Padres and Pirates, improving their record to 19-21 and regaining third place in the NL Central. During that time the bats came around and all that stood between the Crew and a sweep of both teams were some tipped pitches by Randy Wolf and a heavy work load finally getting to Kameron Loe.

The Brewers now head West, playing back-to-back two-game series against the Dodgers and Padres before returning home to host the Rockies Friday. The Brewers have been great at home so far (13-6) but have struggled on the road (6-15). It's a tough week to fight that trend with four straight night games (~9:00 CST) before Friday's game at Miller Park. Still, the Brewers had a great homestand despite a thin bullpen (Braddock, Saito, Parra on DL) and Zack Greinke still not quite in regular season form (even with 20 K in three starts). After a rough road trip through Houston, Atlanta, and St. Louis, a split in California would be just what this team needs.

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