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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Longest 48 Hours of the Year

I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking that 6:10 tomorrow evening can't come soon enough. I'm equally sure that the Brewers can't wait to get another shot at the Reds after yesterday's tough loss. Things could be worse, though. The Cardinals, for instance, lost their home opener in extra innings to the Padres after losing the lead in the ninth inning. Albert Pujols ground into a double play a career high three times.

Feel free to reflect on yesterday's loss, but while you do keep in mind that the team lost. John Axford blew the save, but plenty of other things could have happened to lead to a Brewers' victory even if yesterday wasn't the closer's best outing. Casey McGehee could have secured an out on Scott Rolen's ninth inning ground ball. Mark Kotsay and Yuniesky Betancourt could have contributed something to the offense, possibly leading to an earlier exit for Reds' starter Edinson Volquez. Ron Roenicke could have let Yovani Gallardo swing away instead of attempting to bunt (especially once he had two strikes) after Wil Nieves' leadoff double. Had the umpire made the right call on Kotsay's excellent diving catch in right field, who knows what would have followed?

Plenty of things could have gone better yesterday, and despite some great performances by key players, the team in the end just didn't do enough to get the win. As Axford posted on twitter last night, "Tough one today ... It's a new day and a new month tomorrow!" I just wish the second day of April would come sooner.

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  1. About Albert Pujols, he had an atrocious game Thursday, but I know he’ll be able to turn things around and post some big numbers this year! Go Cardinals!