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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hall of Famer Robin Yount to Spend Considerable Time With Brewers This Spring

Ron Roenicke told reporters Friday that Brewers legend Robin Yount would spend more time with the team this spring than in years past. Yount lives nearby and usually spends a few days each spring with the Brewers as a special instructor. This year Roenicke asked him if he'd spend more time with the team and despite his busy schedule, he agreed.

Said Yount: "It's something that's hard to get out of your blood. I like this Brewers uniform and I like this group of guys. We've got a nice group of guys in this organization. It's just fun to be out there." He continued: "I just kind of watch what's going on and take it all in, and if there's something I see where I think I can help, I enjoy talking the game. I hope they enjoy it, too."

So it sounds as if Yount won't fill any specific role. He'll pal around with the team and coaching staff, fill in as needed, and basically make the club better just by being there. Any player and coach could benefit from interacting with someone with as storied a career as Yount. I enjoy it, and I'm sure the team does too.

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